Our technology liberates footwear manufacturing from its crippling dependence on Asia, complex supply chains, long lead times, and the environmental impact of petroleum-based products. Imagine a footwear production line that packs maximum flexibility and scalability into a minimal footprint—configured to your specifications, in any production facility, wherever your customer is.

That’s 3DTI.

Unlock new possibilities. Scale up capacity. Reinvent your business. Supercharge your brand.

With global technical support, your 3DTI production line is designed to:
- Produce thermoformed cavities in seconds, at mass volumes
- Manufacture different types of products, all on the same line
- Inject any cold pour substance, in liquid, paste or gel form

See the impact on the bottom line:
- Stay a step ahead of trends, beat competitors to market
- Ramp up or scale down volume, in sync with demand
- Bring down cost on short production runs
- Open up new business opportunities

Realize fully circular, sustainable production:
- Use bio-based and recycled materials, go fossil fuel-free
- Produce closer to the customer, eliminate long-distance shipping

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Have a production facility? We can transform it. Want a production facility? Let us make one for you. Design better shoes, build better brands. Everything is possible.


Your industry knowledge, our breakthrough technology. Let’s find the best fit together.