A single shoe is a fusion of multiple materials and adhesives that’s virtually impossible to take apart and recycle. No wonder nearly 95 percent of shoes end up as landfill, taking decades before they even begin to break down.

Multiply this by billions of shoes produced every year, and you’ll see why we’re serious about the future of footwear.

Reducing impact is a step in the right direction. The time has come for bolder strides. Our planet demands it.

Are you ready to remake the future of footwear?


A future of complex supply chains made simple, using recycled and bio-based materials in every shoe. A step ahead of trends, in sync with demand. Cleaner, faster, and better than ever before.

Together with industry experts and leaders, we are rethinking the future of footwear manufacturing. Our core technology combines 3D printing and thermoforming to create sustainable footwear production solutions and to unlock new opportunities by increasing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility. We license our breakthrough production technology to footwear manufacturers, so that they—along with designers and users who share our vision—become our partners in making this future a reality.



Maximum impact. Minimal complexity. 

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3DTI is a manufacturing technology that blends the best of 3D printing, thermoforming and injection. 3DTI combines hardware and software to help manufacturers achieve unprecedented flexibility in production. At the greatest possible speed, and the lowest possible cost. For the industries that need it most.

3D printed tooling

Due to the use of 3D printed molds, shapes can be changed quickly on 3DTI production lines. This in combination with on-machine injection enables same day production of multiple products at a lower cost than existing mass production processes.


Our patented technology transforms standard thermoforming machines into flexible high velocity production lines by utilizing low cost air-cooled 3D printed molds.

The plastic that’s used to create every single mold is 100% recyclable. After shredding and melting to a fresh new roll of film it can be reused to create new molds.


3DTI has many possibilities in a variety of applications and can process any liquid, paste or gel. The on-machine injection enables same day production of multiple products at a lower cost than existing mass production processes.

To date, manufacturing products in large quantities has involved complicated mega factories and complex supply chains.

3DTI powers local production, simplifying supply chains, reducing risk and enabling manufacturers to meet fast-changing demand.

Our tech utilizes low cost 3D printed molds in place of traditional CNC milled aluminium/steel molds. As a result, start of production is reduced from months to hours. This enables rapid and cost efficient development of new products and radically reduces time to market.



Start of production is reduced from months to hours.